A motorized device, with 12 needles, is used to place small channels in the skin. The channels stimulate collagen production helping with fine lines, acnescarring, and enlarged pores. A series of three (3) treatments is frequently recommended.


A topical numbing cream is placed on the skin for 30 minutes. A motorized needling device is used to create small channels in the skin. The depth of needle placement is precisely controlled and customized for your skin. Three passes are generally performed at each session. The procedure itself is virtually painless. Immediately after treatment, the skin will appear pink and slighlty blotchy with small areas of pinpoint bleeding evident. This subsides by the following day. It is important to protect your skin from the sun, especially the first 48 hours.

Hyaluranic acid and growth peptides are frequently applied immediately after treatment and for the first 48 hours. Less is more when applying topical products for the first 48 hours as a hypersensitive reaction could occur. Light makeup can be worn the next day.

Problem Areas:



Fine lines
Mild acne scarring
Enlarged pores
Stretch marks


Great experience!

Great experience! Dr. Long explains the procedure as she works on you so you understand what is happening.

Nancy H
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